Fiber and Mixed-Media Artist


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The personal and professional aspects of an artist�s life usually go hand-in-hand, with fingers so tightly intertwined that it�s hard to separate the two.  I look at life as a path, a sequence of locations on a horizontal line where we stop and explore the vertical for a while, and then move on.  To produce art as continuously as possible is crucial to gain the effects of specific locations in place and time on what is created � the evolvement evidence of one�s life work.

Two major influences have shaped my life:  a drive for creativity and love of the outdoors, elements acquired from parental influence which yielded extensive training, education, and opportunities in both.

When I encountered weaving in college, I knew I had found �infinity.�  I saw that there was no end to the possibilities for woven fabrics.  Weaving, as an art form, melded my strongest learned talent � music � with my strongest natural interest, landscape environment.  Weave structures are inherently similar to musical structures, and through a logical affinity to complex weave structures, I was able to weave imagery with designs based upon my fascination with geologic formations, a major theme throughout my work.

Both prime aspects of my life � the arts and the outdoors � have had extremely rich involvements and have affected one another profoundly.  Boundless details could be the resource for volumes of rhetoric.  Simply stated, the side-by-side traveling of these two passions can be likened to a railroad track:  both rails necessary, but separate, and joined by ties of experiences that continue to hold the two together.


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