Gail Rutter
Fiber and Mixed-Media Artist

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The following works are either well-known or quintessentially indicative of their particular series.  Most are permanently sited or in the collection of the artist.  Refer also to AVAILABLE artworks.


"Fringed Weaving"


"Gold Panel"


"Purple Panel"










"Quake II"


02.06, Time Southwest.jpg (712601 bytes)

"Time Southwest"







"Five White Strips #1"


"Five White Strips #2"




04.09_Moraine.jpg (69588 bytes)







"Pinkish Parquet"




"Laird River Morning"


"Quake I"


"Night's Edge"


"The Canyon"


"Sandstone Fracture I"


"West of Santa Fe"


"Sandstone Syncopation"


"You Can't There From Here"





"Common Tone"




"Cottonwood II"


"Horst and Graben"


"San Andreas"








"First Geo-scape"


"Geo-Scape #7"


"Geo-scape #8"




"Fracture / Fracture"


"Canyon Scape #1"



"The Gap"


"J. S. Bach"


"Antelope Canyon"

"Schism I"


"Why Do I This"




"The Truth Lies Somewhere In Between"
( AKA "Tribute to Franz Kline")


"Blowin' in the Wind I"


"Blowin' in the Wind II"


"Checkered Past"


"Crazy Quilt"


"Dualing Innerds"


"UAJ Banners"


"UAJ Banner #7"


"UAJ Banners #8, #9, #10"




"Antelope Island"


"Navajo Mountain"

"Iron Ladies I"


"Norma Danville the
Evangel Anvil Vandal"


"Single Women"



19.01_Going_to_Another_Place_small.jpg (5517 bytes)

"Going To Another Place"


"They Thought She Would
Crack and Crumble"


"Fault I"


"Fault II"