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         Gail Rutter
       Fiber Artist

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"Nature I love, and next to nature, art."

My work can be categorized as abstract expressionism.  The lowest common denominator throughout all my work is movement.  Movement is life; change is constant.

I see and feel movement in the strata-graphic imagery of geologic formations.  The linearity of these features has been a strong influence especially in the designs of my woven works.  I adhere to this imagery because, to me, the structural elements -- of layering, faulting, folding, fracturing, and the flow of banding -- tell stories indicative of human experiences.  Weaving lends itself naturally to these striated designs because it is based upon linear interlacing.

Recent works are drawing more exclusively from inner sensing and internally motivated designs describing how I feel about the movement that is currently occurring in my life -- or life going on around me, in general.  Sometimes the newer designs relate to external imagery (i.e. clouds,) and sometimes, not.

The balance between outer influences and inner concepts is crucial.  I will continue to draw from both external and internal journeys:  backcountry paths that are hiked, and ethereal paths destined to be walked.

"He who walks the land knows the country."


On Art

An art object goes beyond its physical properties to express an idea (a concept) that makes a non-tangible comment about something other than the object itself.  The concept should permeate and balance the technical excellence of the work, yet simultaneously transcend the objectivity.

The most successful artworks are those that intrigue the human brain, elicit an internal reaction, provide enough food for thought to sustain interest, and are clear in intent to make a statement.  The depth of the artist's soul and spirit is the substance, the artist's particular world view is the truth in the work, and the artist's vantage point, the dynamic.



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